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But I Don't Want to Get Big

  But I don’t want to get big   …  Fear not ladies … You’ve got several things going for you that will literally make it impossible for you to “Get Big”. In fact, strong women end up looking just like really fit women and unless they have just finished a heavy set of deadlifts, don’t really show much muscle definition at all.  Just have a look at 5 time Cross fit Games competitor and Fittest Woman of the year 2014 Camille-Leblanc-Bazinet from the cover of Oxygen. There are quite a few factors here but lets discuss the main three … Hormones: While women and men are (or at least should be) equal under the law, the unfortunate truth is that we are unalike in many ways (many that I am quite appreciative of). Sorry boys and girls but you simply cannot hope your way past the simple fact that we are different. Guys produce Testosterone and girls do not, at least in any useful quantities. The hormonal milieu that we generate within our own bodies drives a lot of things in regards to our appear