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Basic Strength Training Model

Getting strong isn’t complicated. You don’t need to learn 30 different lifts to properly exercise your body when you should be focusing on normal, natural, human movements like squatting, pulling, pressing things overhead, etc… That is the focus of this article. I break down the ability to get strong in to 4 basic lifts: Squats, Deadlifts, Press and Bench Press and I add a 5th for those who haven’t eclipsed the half century mark to help maintain power production The vast majority of this content is based on the  Starting Strength  model. This article is a brief introduction to that model. For any standard human being starting out on their journey towards strength, there really are only 5 lifts that need to be performed (possibly 4 if your a Master lifter). All of these lifts follow 3 basic guidelines. 1. Recruit the most amount of muscle 2. Over the longest effective range of motion 3. Using the most amount of weight I would add to this that we are not trying to train the bicep or the

Strength Is The Only Resolution You Need

It’s the New Year and everyone is full of hope and setting resolutions … many of which will fall on their face within the first few weeks of the year but it doesn’t have to be that way. Resolve to be strong and several of the most common resolution will take care of themselves. Let’s take a look at some:   1) LOSE WEIGHT First off, let’s get past the whole concept of weight loss. Any person at the same weight but stronger is healthier and if you get stronger, it’s likely you’re going to end up weighing pretty close to what you did when you considered yourself overweight … unless you were severely obese. Muscle weighs significantly more than fat as it is significantly denser, so let’s just discuss how to lose fat … Okay? There really is only one effective way to lose fat and keep it off without killing yourself and that’s to increase your bodies resting metabolism but everyone initially turns to dieting, so let’s discuss that for a bit. While dieting can be quite effective (especially w

Diet Should Not Be A Dirty Word

  THE PROBLEM How many times have we heard someone say: “I have to go on a diet” or some derivation of that expression with the word “Diet” coming out like it’s something you should get your mouth washed out with soap for saying? How many of you in fact use the word “Diet” instead of saying: “Ruin my life and be miserable”? I get asked a lot about how to lose weight. That might be due to the fact that I once used to wear size 48 pants and now fit quite nicely in to a size 34 but what surprises people most is when I tell them I still weigh within 25 pounds of the same weight when I had a size 48 inch waist. Yep, I used to weigh 275 pounds and I wouldn’t have been able to squat a kitten but I am now a healthy 250+ pounds, wear size 34 pants and I can squat 405 pounds. Everyone seems to want to attribute my weight loss to diet and in a way, they are correct but it’s not really that simple. The mis-used word diet actually refers to what you eat and is not a fad protocol your supposed to ge