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Why Am I Stuck

Why Am I Stuck This seems to be a common question on many of the strength forums these days. Lifters constantly asking why their press or squat has stalled and how to get past the roadblock. The unfortunate truth is that there are lots of reasons one can get stuck to include: Stress (mental) Rest Diet Resistance to training Sensitivity to training Overtraining Repeated bout effect The list above is not comprehensive but represents several common problems. Lets take a look at a few. STRESS (MENTAL) It may not seem significant to the person standing next to you but even common situations can create stress that will ruin your recovery between workouts. Losing a job, fighting with a girlfriend/spouse, big test coming up, death of a pet, etc …. Every one of those is a valid cause of a stress that can kill your recovery. Stress burns a lot of calories and is interpreted by the body as danger, so you waste a lot of resources when you let stress affect you. REST Rest/Sleep is when your body go